Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Caught in the Web?

When I say caught in the web, I don't mean a spider web.  I am referring to the internet or www (World Wide WEB).  A month or so ago I was at the movies with my family.  Before the movie started there was an ad for the new microsoft (I think but, I am not sure).  Anyway, it was an ad for a new something with computers and it had some images of a web.  It was right then that I started to think, "Am I addicted to the internet, am I caught in the web?"    Now, I know there is all kinds of addictions and there is a horrible addiction running rampant, which is an addiction to internet pornography.  That is NOT the kind of addiction I am referring to (that blog is for another day and time).  What I am talking about it being addicted to something electronic, mostly the computer/internet. 

Here are some questions I started to ask myself:

How often am I on the computer/internet, not just for work but other reasons, i.e. chatting, social media, websurfing, etc.?

Do I start to feel like I have been too "disconnected" if I haven't checked email, facebook, etc in a couple of hours?

Is the internet interferring with my family and/or work time?  Am I telling my kids to "hold on a minute, while mommy finishes this email?" 

What am I doing first thing in the morning/last thing at night?  Am I checking my phone for emails, etc? 

That last question really got to me because I noticed that since I started keeping my phone by my bed (initially to use as an alarm and listen to relaxing music at night), I am also checking other things. 
As I look back over these questions I am ashamed to say that I can answer yes most if not all of them. 

(Tell me if this is you except with an Ipad?  Come on, I know you have done it :-)

Ok, so what does this mean?  Or better, what does this mean to you/me?  I did find some very indepth articles on the internet.   Some are definitely worth reading but, I think they are a little much for what I am trying to say here.  So, what am I trying to say?  I think these questions that I posted above are good to reflect upon in our own lives and see how electronics /computers /ipads /iphones /androids /television/interent/etc, how it effects are lives and the lives of others.  I can't tell you how many times lately one of my children has come to ask me something and my face was in the ipad and then turn around and get upset with them because they don't want to sit down and read.  What kind of an example am I setting for them.
Before you say it, yes, I know we live in a digital world now but, I think there needs to be a healthy balance.  We especially need to teach it to our children.  I don't have children who text but, I have heard that teens/ young adults find it easier to text then to just pick up the phone.  I think this path will lead us down a road to further disconnection from people even though we are more connected than ever (OK, that was too deep for me ;-) ) 
For me this speaks to me on a deeper, faith level.  Am I, not intentionally, but replacing God with electronics?  Sometimes it is much easier to get distracted with worldly things than to spend time in quiet with God.  Honestly, I don't even know what being still and quiet is (that might be a product of having 5 young kids but, I digress).  I tell you, sometimes I envy our ancestors.  It seem like things were simplier then and there were less distractions.
 Even just 15-20 years ago.  Remember when you just left your house and all you had to remember was your keys and wallet?  Now, it's keys, wallet and oh, do I have my phone?  Then, your phone starts ringing and if you are a women, you are digging around in your bottomless pit of a purse trying to get that all important phone call.  Or what if you forgot your phone, what will you do without it!Ugh! 
I know I sound really down on technology but, I mean this as food for thought.  There are many things I love about electronics/internet.  For instance I am doing a fundraiser for my twin boys via a website.  With that and email, I am able to easily reach more people.  That is wonderful!    This is just something to think about as you read this blog on the internet (I would try sending this via smoke signal but it would take WAY to long)!


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  1. I think a lot of us are addicted to the internet and with cell phones and iPads, we have instant access anywhere we go so why not stay plugged in? I do think it's sad that now, our children have to compete with our cell phones for our attention and I do think it is important to schedule chunks of the day to stay unplugged.