Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Now for Something from the Light Side...

Well, my first blog was very serious and heartfelt.  I'm glad I did it; it was actually therapeutic.   But now, I need to muse about the lighter side of life.  Of course, the lighter side of life has to do with my children, in particular their OBSESSION with STAR WARS. 

Yes, Star Wars, we LOVE Star Wars in our house.  Now to be up front, it is Mark and I's fault that the kids love it, we are Star Wars geeks ourselves.  We introduced then to A New Hope before they could walk.  We didn't expect the "monsters" that would be created from it. 
For instance, a daily activity that happens in our house, is lightsaber fighting.  From the 6 year old to the 17th month old, lightsabers are a flyin.  You have never seen anything cutier then one of the twins (mind you, he can't walk), lying on the ground swinging his yoda (green) lightsaber saying, "I want to fight you" while he twin he on his knees fighting with him.  Then the 17th month old, Christopher, grabs one, knows how to open it and turn it on and joins in the fight.  Words can't express, how proud a Mother and Father could be ;-) 
Then, comes the asking to watch Clone Wars.  For those who are not, "into" Star Wars (though, I don't know how you couldn't be), The Clone Wars is a cartoon on Cartoon Network about Anakin and Obi-Won and what happens between Episodes 2 & 3.  It is awesome, I must say.  Mark and I look forward to it every week, just as much as the kids do.  I digress...  As soon as we turn on the Clone Wars and the music starts, silence falls across the house and for 30 minutes every child that is in the house is quiet and glued to the tv.  It is magical! 
At some point during the day, they all play with the Star Wars figures and ships we have strewn through the living room; even our daughter gets involved.  Poor thing, she likes Star Wars I think sometimes more than dolls (I was the same way though when I was a child). 
Then comes evening and the twins, Michael and Matthew, are ready for sleep.  Do our boys listen to lullabies? NO...they listen to a Star Wars CD that we have.  Yes, they go to sleep to the music at every nap and every bedtime.  They remind us before we walk out of the room after kissing them goodnight and blessing them that it is time for the Star Wars music.  It is precious. 
As a parent, I must say, there are good lessons to be learned from Star Wars.  Dark side vs. Light side, good vs. evil, redemption, sacrifice, I could go on.  But I must admit, I wish I could wield a lightsaber around as my job :-)  Actually, I can, I just need to go pick one up, we only have like 6 lying around the house.  In someway, I think this experience the boys are having are teaching them to be warriors and I think that is a good thing.  We need more strong men in this world to defend what is right and just.  My boys don't need to know all that now, they just need to use their imaginations and be our little pawadans:-)
May the Force Be With Us All!

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  1. That's so great! My kids have started talking about Star Wars costumes for Halloween already...although their interest in the movie is not nearly so passionate as your kiddos. We'll get there I'm sure as the boys get older. Little warriors indeed!