Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 1 Down of P90X

Despite feeling very tired and sluggish yesterday, I did Day 1 of P90X which includes 2 workouts:  Chest & Back and Ab Ripper X.  Mark and worked out while the twins were in therapy.  The other 3 were about playing and did jump in a few times and did some push-ups.  Christopher also tried feeding me while I was lifting weights.  He is so cute and he did not want to take NO for an answer.  He finally relented and walked away :-) 
I felt good about what I did yesterday.  I ate well, had salmon and broccoli for dinner and no late snacking!  I was pretty tired and was ready for bed by 9pm.  All in all a good day.
Today will be more of a challenge.  It is a long day for us in my house so we won't be able to work out until after 7pm :-\  I am usually so tired by 7/8 pm but, it will help that Mark and I are doing it together!  Bring it!

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  1. Great job Allison! The fact of Christopher trying to feed you is so sweet! Maybe he can feed one of the siblings next time. Good luck tonight. Let us know how it goes.