Monday, July 2, 2012

Mark and I are Going to "Bring It" Together!

My husband, Mark decided a few weeks back to give P90X a try again.  We had both started it last year but, for various reasons (i.e. we quit) we stopped doing it.  I was in my 3rd week of Brazilian Butt Lift and Mark had asked me if I wanted to do P90X with him.  At first, I wasn't sure because after coming off of doing a very high cardio, fast moving program like Turbo Fire, P90X seemed like it would be "too slow".  After thinking about it I decided to do because it would be great for the two of us to do it together.  Last year when we did it, we stuck with the workouts but strayed often on the diet.  This time I want us to put diet and exercise together and see what happens!

I did start working out with him on Friday and did Legs and Back.  Even Christopher was getting in on it: 

So, starting today I am going to blog my experience of doing P90X with my husband and everything that goes along with that.  For instance, I am going to workout today with him when I get home from work and let me tell you, right now I want to just go home and sleep!  I am so tired today.  I have eaten well so far today except, for some cake I had with my co-workers BUT I am tracking my calories using and I will make sure I don't go over my 1800 calorie limit. 

I really want this to work this time.  My 37th birthday is at the end of August and I want to look at the scale and not see the same numbers I have been seeing for the last few years, I want them to be lower!  I believe I will have much more energy to if I weighed less. I need all th energy I can get to keep up with my family and life.  So keep me accountable!

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