Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kids and Dogs

Last night my son, Daniel's cub scout pack went to the Tallahassee K-9 unit to see how they train the dogs and learn more about what they do.  It was a family event, so we took all 7 of us.  It sounded like a really interesting experience and we were all excited about it! 
Well, it turned out to be so much fun.  It was amazing what these police officers are able to do with their dogs which, by the way, are all male German shepherd dogs.  The dogs even live with their particular officer.  We were told it takes about 2 years to completely train a dog and to be on the "same page" with each other.  I think one of the best parts was watching one of the officers be "attacked" by a dog.  I tell you, I would NOT want to be on the other end of that dog! 
What really touched me and warmed my heart was how the officers were with the kids.  They were patient and kind in answering all their questions and really took the time to explain to all of us what they do and why they do it.  What was wonderful to me was the attention they paid especially to Michael and Matthew.  Michael was in his walker and Matthew in his wheelchair.  One officer came right over to them and talked to them once we got there.  Once the evening was about over he made sure that both Michael and Matthew were able to pet and touch his dog, Buster.  The boys were so happy and really took to the dog.  I was thankful for the opportunity to have my children share in such a great event.  I have included some pictures here and the pictures speak better than any words I have. 
I wonder how I can get a dog like that for the house...

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