Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What inspires me...

I never thought walking would be so interesting and joyful to watch until I had two sons that couldn't do it without a lot of hard work.  Michael is only 4 years old and he has accomplished so much in his 4 short years.  I am in awe of him on a daily basis and all that he can do and the hope and confidence in all he WILL do in the future.  This is a major step for him and he will keep building on it.  Other problems seem so small when I think about all my boys have been through.

Way to go Michael!

Energy & Persistence conquer all things-Benjamin Franklin

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  1. This is awesome! Way to go Michael!!! I have a cousin that has a daughter that is the same age as my son (5) and she has cerebral palsy. My cousin and I were talking the other day about how children with special needs teach you so much in life...teaches you to appreciate the simple things in life! :)