Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 5 of BBL in the Bag!

After a day of rest yesterday, I was back on it today with Day 5.  Before I got to my workout, I enjoyed a great performance from my kids on the last day of Vacation Bible School.  I especially loved the twins dancing!
Well today my Brazilian Butt Lift workouts were Cardio Axe, which is 30 minutes of Brazilian/South American dance moves.  There are different sambas and great moves.  I am getting comfortable with the moves and I am able to get into more.  The 2nd one was one called High and Tight.  That is 35 minutes of concentrating on the booty and let me tell you, he works it from every angle!  The core of this workout is working the 3 muscle groups of the glutes in as many directions as possible.  While I was lying on the floor doing some moves, my cat even joined me, well, not really she came to give me moral support but that is besides the point ;-)  At the same time my 2 oldest were carrying on a conversation with me about going to the beach.  It is a good thing us women know how to multi-task! 
All and all it was a good workout and I look forward to tomorrow!

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